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Most Popular Requested Impersonators

Elvis Presley
Marilyn Monroe

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the best match for your event or theme.

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More impersonators sorted A-Z by name

Abbott and Costello lookalike
Abraham Lincoln lookalike
Al Jolson lookalike
Alan Alda lookalike
Archie Bunker lookalike
Arnold Schwarzenegger impersonator
Austin Powers lookalike
Barbra Streisand
Beatles impersonator
Ben Affleck lookalike
Bill Clinton impersonator
Billy Crystal lookalike
Billy Joel impersonator
Blues Brothers lookalike

Impersonators and lookalikes are great for corporate
events, strolling or performing.  Some impersonators can sing, dance and entertain and then they mix and mingle with the crowd for photos

Britney Spears impersonator
Bruce Willis lookalike
Buddy Holly impersonator
Charlie Chaplin impersonator
Charo impersonator
Cher lookalike
John Marshall lookalike
Chris Farley impersonator
Christina Aguilera impersonator
Dan Aykroyd lookalike
Desi Arnez impersonator
Dick Cheney lookalike
Dolly Parton impersonator
Donald Trump lookalike
Drew Barrymore impersonator

All Time Favorites has access to over 5000 lookalikes and impersonators across the world for your event.

Drew Carey impersonator
Elton John lookalike
Elvis impersonator
Entertainment Agency Lookalikes
Frank Sinatra lookalike
Frank Sinatra impersonator
Garth Brooks lookalike
General Douglas MacArther impersonator
George Patton lookalike
George Burns impersonator
George Bush lookalike
George Carlin impersonator

If you don't see the impersonator you want here, click the link at the top of this column to request it from a lookalikes agency who will help you find whatever you want.

George Clooney lookalike
George Washington impersonator
Gillian Anderson lookalike
Groucho Marx impersonator
Halle Berry lookalike
Hannibal Lector impersonator
Historical Characters lookalikes
Humphrey Bogard impersonator
Jack Benny lookalike
Jack Nicholson impersonator
Jackie Chan lookalike
James Bond impersonator
James Brown lookalike
James Dean impersonator
James Madison lookalike
Janet Jackson impersonator
Jennifer Lopez lookalike
Jimmy Buffet impersonator
Jimmy Durante lookalike
JLO lookalike
John Kerry lookalike

The two most popular lookalikes seem to be Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe during the last 20 years.

John Rolfe impersonator
John Wayne impersonator
Johnny Carson lookalike
Kid Rock impersonator
Lara Croft lookalike
Laurel and Hardy impersonator
Loni Anderson lookalike
Lucille Ball impersonator
Madonna lookalike
Marilyn Monroe impersonator
Martha Washington lookalike
Marx Brothers impersonator
Matrix Lookalikes
Mick Jaggar impersonator
Morpheus from The Matrix Lookalike
Muhammad Ali impersonator
Nat King Cole impersonator
Neil Diamond lookalike

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Neo from The Matrix impersonator
Nicolas Cage lookalike
Nicole Kidman impersonator
Pamela Anderson lookalike
Patrick Henry impersonator
Patsy Cline lookalike
Pink impersonator
Jefferson Davis lookalike
John Tyler impersonator
Woodrow Wilson lookalike
Prince impersonator
Ray Charles impersonator
Ray Charles lookalike
Robert DeNiro impersonator
Robert E Lee impersonator
Rodney Dangerfield impersonator
Roseanne Barr lookalike
Russell Crowe lookalike
Sean Connery impersonator
Shakira lookalike
Stevie Nicks impersonator

We have impersonators in major cities and some small towns across the USA and the world.

Thomas Jefferson lookalike
Tiger Woods impersonator
Tom Cruise impersonator
Tom Jones impersonator
Uma Thurman
Wayne Newton lookalike
Will Rogers lookalike
Willie Nelson impersonator

Elvis Presley impersonator and Marilyn Monroe lookalike both seem to be the most popular yet.





We have access to over 5000 lookalikes/impersonators
across the world for your event!

The most popular lookalikes are Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe





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